CUORE | USA Cycling Men Offroad S/Sleeve Trail jersey

USA Cycling Men Offroad S/Sleeve Trail jersey

A jersey design that fits so comfortable that you don't even want to take it off after your ride.

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Meticulously designed for performance with casually cool style and brilliant comfort, the Trail Jersey’s airy, cooling fabric laughs off toasty uphill efforts, while it’s athletic, loose fit moves seamlessly with you to keep pace on the rowdiest of descents. Embracing the essence of modern day trail riding, the cut and fabrics incite a primal enthusiasm to the attack the trail with youthful vigor. Breathable, lightweight fabric with a casual, loose fit provides ample cooling for tough climbs on warm days.And finally  full coverage for full on rowdiness with the Trail S/Sleeve Jersey’s tough full length sleeves offering additional protection.